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What is EMF? More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that cancer cases are on the rise, behavioral disorders are more prevalent than ever, and we are being told that impact studies of mobile devices are "inconclusive". The infuriating lack of response from many organizations has sparked a movement of concerned parents, cell phone users, and those who have already been diagnosed with debilitating diseases or tumors. The most frustrating part about the lack of action regarding EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and cell phone radiation is that all of the experts seem to agree that the doses of radiation we are receiving daily are cumulative and add up over time. This means that if it were to be found 10,000 hours of cell phone exposure at normal EMF levels would give 100% of users a tumor, that the results would look "inconclusive" until each user hit the 10,000 hour mark. This is the same shell game that was played by the tobacco industry for nearly 100 years after the public started to wonder about the negative impact smoking "seemed" to have on all aspects of human health.

One of the most prevalent forms of exposure to Electromagnetic Fields comes from a device most of us would not know how to live without, our cell phones. These devices are a huge source of profit for many large corporations, and even if conclusive data were exposed, many of us would still be unwilling to abandon the devices completely. Lets take a look at what we already know about cell phone use. Recent studies already show that EMFs (cell phone radiation) actually heats the tissue near the ear, jaw, and cranium while a user is holding it in normal speaking position. This is the same type of heat we see coming from microwaves which are much more concentrated and can boil water in roughly a minute. Common sense would argue that if concentrated microwaves can boil water in roughly a minute, that we should not hold a device that emits radiation next to our most valuable asset, our brains, knowing that a majority of their composition is water based?

Even though we know the dangers of cell phone use the question becomes what do we do about it? Cell phones were marketed to us as not just a convenience but a safety net. Most of us won't even drive to the store without our cell phone because we want to be able to call for help if we have a flat tire, the car breaks down, or even if a family member wants to call to add something to the grocery list. This device is simply too integrated into our everyday lives to abandon completely, so at least take the basic precautions such as:

- Limiting the time spent on calls.

- Use speaker phone to create distance between you and the cell phone.

- Text instead of call whenever possible.

- Do not use the cell phone in an enclosed area such as in a car or elevator.

- Do not use the phone when you are getting a poor signal as phones emmit a higher amount of EMFs in this state.

- Do not use cell phone holders with metal clips as they can transfer the EMFs from the phone directly to your body.

- Do not store the phone in your pocket as recent data is showing that this method of storage may cause serious fertility issues.

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